The firm


DG is a firm that optimizes the buildings, the resilience of cities and facilitates the protection of citizens at risk of dynamic loads and flooding (including geodynamic risks). To achieve this goal, DG reconciles cost savings with what we have called "technological protection” (prediction +preventive engineering+ early warning+ immediate action), provided under an innovative and global business vision.

DG has certification and accreditation of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 166001 and
17025 ENAC


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Business areas

  • Structural engineering:
    • Structural analysis (building, civil works).
    • Dynamic reinforcement for structures (bridges, railway, industrial facilities).
  • Risk engineering:
    • Technological Emergency Plan against earthquakes, floods, landslides, windstorm (effective management of the event, risk.
    • Study of hazard scenarios.
    • Early warning (earthquakes and floods).
    • Safety audit of structures (post event).
  • Geotechnical engineering:
    • Foundations (design, project, optimization, underpinning).
    • Road (roads, railway lines, pipes).
    • Inspection and landslides (stabilization project).
  • Geophysics:
    • Seismic soil amplification (Soil coefficient in building codes).
    • Prospection (Seismic, Electric, Electromagnetic, GPR).
  • Monitoring:
    • Structures (Dynamic load tests; vulnerability, inspection and auscultation reports; Bridge Management System).
    • Cities (Early warning systems against earthquakes and floods).
    • Soils (Slope; amplification due to earthquake).
    • Environment (Environmental sensor network, floods, advanced weather forecast, noise maps).
  • Special works:
    • Machinery and structures subjected to dynamic loads.
    • Special foundations.
    • Special bearing systems.